Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic | Country of Residence: U.S.A. | Ethnicity: Black / White (Hispanic)
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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12 Responses to “Dominican Republic”

  1. Lucy:

    You truly represent beauty because you are have ‘it’, inside and out. Love you like a sister.

  2. Diana Rojas:


  3. katherine munoz:

    i love this picture, it really represent dominicanas!!!!

  4. darwin de los santos:

    Supe Super Atractiva

  5. Katherine Santos:

    Exactly like your mother! Whit the merengue music in the blood!!!! Bella!

  6. Tiago Eran:

    Super pero Super cute!!!

  7. Renae Angeloro:

    You are soo pretty!

  8. BETZY:

    Como dice tu hermano….la foto esta “super atractiva” jejejeje…

  9. Dragos:


  10. Jorelle – THIS IS SO VINTAGE!!!! I LOVE IT!!! WOW!!! Congrats again I pray nothing but the best for both of you, your bond, your magrraie, and your future! LOVE IS THE BEST THING ONE CAN GIVE! *hugs*

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