Trinidad & Tobago

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Trinidad & Tobago
Country of Origin: Trinidad & Tobago | Country of Residence: Trinidad & Tobago | Ethnicity: Indian (India)
And the little girl is half Trini, half swedish.
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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4 Responses to “Trinidad & Tobago”

  1. Warrens Mark:

    I’m a freelance photographer and I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of mixed nationalities and has found it to be really a culture of its own. I was awed by this photo by the multi-ethnicity and location.

    Barbadian/Indian (Native) myself.

  2. admin:

    Thank you! =) I agree!

    The little girl isn’t the daughter though. She has another mother. =)

  3. Jason Malik:

    Being a native Trinidadian the term Indian is dubious considering My Mother is Dougla (Half Indian and Half “Black”) and looks like the older version of this woman. Also That could be her child as well however he father Can’t be solely Native Swedish, more than likely Swedish / Black mixture.

  4. as a amateur photographer and Trinbagoian myself, I had to look at this photo twice, was captivated by the simply beautiful shot, smile is disarming, very beautiful woman.

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