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LebanonCountry of Origin: Lebanon | Country of Residence: Sweden | Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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4 Responses to “Lebanon”

  1. Leno:

    So beautiful face and so hot eyes, She look like smart girl as i feel :).
    Good luck

  2. admin:

    Yes, I know she is smart too!


  3. A beautiful lady, nice eyes. Eyes are the wells of are souls

  4. Yes, Hussaini, your post is very offensive. The phoots exist and are real, so however rare, some significant number of people interpret your same bizarro sky fairy tale differently than you do. Blame your (non-existent) allah-walla-walla for that, since he’d be the one too incompetent at the god game to get a consistent message out.But your last line is great. I have a coldless heart, for sure. Allah-walla-walla-shebang-bongo-boingo to you, girlie.RAmen.

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